Thursday, 15 August 2013

PHASE II Of Growth Enhancement Support Scheme

The second phase of the growth enhancement support scheme was officially launched on the 5th of August 2013 in the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). Registered farmers within the FC T are now able to redeem fertilizers to help optimise the growth and production of cassava and soya-beans plant within the territory.
Farmers across the six area councils of Abuja have being receiving alerts via short message service (SMS) to inform them of the centres for claiming their supply of fertilizers. Soya-beans and cassava are two strategically placed crops of economic value with their high demand in manufacture of protein supplements in animal feed and pharmaceutical production respectively.

Farmers have been encouraged to grow these crops to maximise the profitability of their operations. Superperphospate (SPP) fertilizers are available for soyabeans while NPK 12:15:13 are for Cassavas. These carefully formulated fertilizers are suitable for boosting productivity of small scale farmers aiming to add their products to the production value chains. As with the earlier phase of GES, fertilizer redemption is controlled via mobile phone monitoring system supplied by Cellulant and only available to farmers with farm lands smaller than 3 hectares. Subsidies are 50%.

Youth Agro Entrepreneurs that have taken the step to registering their businesses to this scheme should hurry and get their products. The rains are pouring down in favourable quantities and the inputs are readily available, this should be a year of large harvests. Registrations are still on -going and would continue till the end of the year to become a registered farmer in Nigeria. Let’s get productive.