Monday, 19 August 2013

OutStanding in Their Fields (A poem for Farmers)

Out standing in their field, the old joke goes.
Farmers are their own breed to be sure.
Growing boys, and girls, strong and true.
Raising food, caring for the land – in their blood.
Outstanding in their fields, doing what they love.
Farmers are true to one thing, and one thing only.
Growing it better, one eye to the sky and one to ground.
Raising hopes, raising dreamers – in their hearts.
Out standing in their fields, eyes to those they love.
Farm wives washed in blood, sweat and tears.
Growing it at home, in the field and in their souls.
Raising it generation after generation – in their DNA.
Outstanding and insane, outstanding and obscure.
Farmers are a special breed, and so it should be.
Growing it started in God’s own first garden after all!
Raising hands deep in soil, blooded on the land. Forever.

By Shanyn Silinski & BrandonManitoba