Tuesday, 26 July 2016

FRESH DAILY NEWSLETTER 26th July - 2nd August

Good Day To You,

This week I have had various enquiries about if we are planning to OR currently rearing any chickens, are they organic? Local or free range? What my views are on imported frozen chicken and so much more.

Firstly, I find imported frozen chicken distasteful. Its insulting and demoralizing to think that in Abuja alone we have over 3 million birds of various varieties growing under varied methods for a population of just over a million people. That is in simplistic terms, 2 chickens to one individual every week. The capacity to produce birds locally surely should make importation of birds a silly silly idea. We actually don't need the government to place a ban on imported chickens for us, we just all need to say no to chicken pumped full of preservatives transported from thousands of miles away to but this people out of business. Common sense and common will of a people would always defeat an imposed version of reality. If you are not worried about the economic and health reasons, you should be worried about the taste. It takes a lot more effort and spicematics to get your preserved frozen chicken tasting like a bird that has been sourced locally without any preservatives. Why? Because the preservatives keep the birds inert. Immune to intrusion of any foreign particles be it pathogens or your lovely spices. It's a victory for physical sciences but a defeat for the chefs, foodies and culinary experts. Save your spices, save your health and buy your chickens from a poultry you trust. Trust been the keyword.

We at Fresh Daily currently stock just about enough birds for the consumption of my family and a few immediate neighbors. My birds are not organically sourced but are reared organically and semi-intensive. We feed them corn grown on our farm and never use growth hormones or antibiotics. For that reason it has been hard to stick large quantities to include with our weekly vegetable boxes. I have had alot of suggestions from qmonhst our community of running a CSA for the birds. This is where you buy shares on the poultry pen, that goes towards feeding and rearing the chicks and you get your dividends paid off as chickens supplied to your home over a two month period. For example paying #12,000 would yield a return of 10 birds supplied over a 2 month period. We are still working on the plan and would see how viable it would be. It would eventually all boil down to what the collective community of Fresh Daily users decide.

On the vegetable front, it keeps looking greener and redder. The Veronica Tomatoes have ursurped the Eva Tomatoes. Eva got to the end of her harvest cycle so you would notice a fuller, rounder and redder version of tomatos in your vegetable boxes for the next month. Our lettuce has been a resounding success. The mixed pack lettuce has yielded so much colour to our growing tunnel, that Taiwo my head Agronomist and I have become full time selfie-ists.

I hope you all enjoy your vegetables and the rain this week. Keep thinking and living green. We at Fresh Daily wish you health, happiness and blessings. Thank you for choosing us.

Best Regards

Kabir Onimisi ADEMOH