Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Good morning, this is to hoping everyone had a refreshing and enjoyable Easter holidays. Its been a week since we posted up the press release for the Biogas Project we embarked on in Rije community of Kuje. I felt it was only right to keep those of you that showed interest in the news article a follow up into the process and our progress thus far.

Our technical partners from Cotonou have arrived. The Franco –Anglo barrier continually been stretched into a blur as we communicate. The biggest set-back thus far has been the challenges with the water. We decided to dig a ground –water borehole which hasn’t looked like a splashing success. On first trials the water supply has been stuttered at best. We would continue to find a solution to the borehole situation meanwhile the engineers have started digging the ground and making preparations for a bio-digester tank.

The next challenge for us now is building the actual bio-digester tank. We are in process of searching for a reliable metal work construction contractor to help us build the tank. We prefer this over the plastic types used in a lot of the foreign manufactured tanks. They are a lot more durable, robust and resilient than their foreign counter parts therefore we don’t mind spending a bit more. Never under-estimate the possibilities of a rodent infestation and how quickly they can chew through plastic. I have included some random images of all the works so far. Enjoy and please leave a comment or email us with any questions or ideas you want to contribute to making Rije Community build its own electricity grid.