Saturday, 11 May 2013

What is Youth Agro Entrepreneurs (YAE)

In 2012, The Rockefeller Foundation identified revitalizing the agricultural sector as one of several key global challenges. This is why the “Farming Now” section of the competition was established with the aim of generating fresh and innovative ideas that would attract and encourage unemployed youth to enter the agricultural sector, thereby infusing youthful energy into this vital sector of the economy.

Youth Agro Entreprenuer (YAE) will seek to rebrand farming as a viable, profitable and honourable profession for a new generation of farmers. YAE will be a social enterprise incubator that will teach youth the agricultural practices and business skills required to support the development of youth-led agricultural enterprises

YAE aspires to become a financially self-sufficient organization which will empower unemployed youth with the knowledge, skills and drive to become consultants and agricultural entrepreneurs.
YAE hopes that this will contribute to alleviating the problems of extreme poverty and high levels of youth unemployment in Nigeria.

YAE research team will visit self-sufficient schools that exist in Africa and South America where they will observe the process and procedure of how hands-on and knowledge-based learning is being practiced and applied. Furthermore, consultants from similar established institutions will be sought to bring expertise and experience to the development of agricultural schools in Nigeria.

YAE has been awarded as grant by The Rockefeller Foundation to finance the development of a strategic plan for the implementation of a youth agriculture entrepreneurship training centre in Nigeria. The YAE team will be conducting research on the feasibility of the training centre and developing partnership with stakeholders, as well as communicating the results of the research to the public.

YAE intends to utilize this opportunity with the utmost discipline and focus in order to boost the stagnant agricultural sector.

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