Thursday, 6 June 2013


The Youth Agro Entrepreneurs are pleased to announce the availability of our Needs & Opportunity Analysis report for download.

This report assesses the current state of the agriculture industry and youths’ interests and attitudes toward farming in Nigeria. For our assessment, we conducted a survey, and the 302 respondents, including key individuals in the industry, have revealed much about agricultural priorities, trends, and the needs to reach youth and government planning committees to ensure a holistic and sustainable impact.

The overall outcome we expect to achieve is to encourage and engage youth in pursuing agriculture as a meaningful and viable career by operating a self-sufficient training center which would ensure a sustainable revenue stream.

We believe this needs analysis study, would contribute to the overall vision by helping establish a knowledge base, setting benchmarks, networking with key people, identifying gaps, limitations, and achievements, and devising objectives and long-term goals.
We trust that you will find these informative and useful in helping us develop strategic partnerships with agricultural stakeholders, policy-makers, advocates and investors

Please click here to download a full copy of the report.